White Factice

During the vulcanization of rubber, certain Chemicals and oils are used in order to modify the fundamental properties of rubber. One of these components is factice. It is vulcanized unsaturated animal or vegetable oil. It can be used as a processing aid as well as a property modifier in rubber. To produce more laborious and more desirable factice, long chain of fatty acid is produced which contains oils such as rapeseed or meadowfoam. However, if factice is produced from soybean oil, it results in lower quality factice. In order to obtain higher quality factice, soya bean oil can be mixed with other with longer chain oils to yield factice as good as that made from long chain oils alone. Castor oil results in oil resistant factice.

Sulphur is cross linked with the fatty acid chains in order to yield a rubbery material that can improve the processing characteristics and resistance from Ozone of rubber. Variations in the amount of factice added to the rubber can change the physical properties of the rubber. Different items made from rubber contain varying amounts of factice. For instance, moulded items might have 5 to 10% factice, exclusions 15 to 30% factice. Most commonly available rubber erasers can have nearly four times as much factice as Rubber in their composition.

White factice is a creamy white powder which is made out of vegetable oil. It is also known as sulphur chloride factice. It can be used to improve the process of extrusion calendaring and collapse resistance of Vulcan sates. In addition to this, it can also be used for hot cure with basic or acidic acceleration systems, owing to the reason that it contains enough amount of acid acceptors.

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White GL


1-White and coloured erasers
2-Coated fabrics
3-Colored extruded items


It improves the process of extrusion, calendaring and collapse resistance of vulcanites.
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